``TEXWEAR DESIGNS LTD`` is an all-inclusive sourcing and buying house for the global market. We act as a bridge between the buyer and the manufacturer to ensure quality Garments by making Import & Export activities for our Clients. Likewise, we are always up to date with the latest trends.
About Us

“TEXWEAR DESIGNS LTD.” started our journey as an apparel Buying house in 2010. Since then, our sole focus has always been our customers’needs. Located in the heart of Chittagong. We are always trying best as well equipped with merchandise; no order is too big or too small.We have a dedicated in-house team for Pattern making, Sampling, Sourcing(Fabrics, Trims& Accessories), Printing and Pleating, Custom Labeling,Tagging, and Packing and delivering packages around the world.We guarantee excellent quality merchandise on time delivered at your door with very Competitive Prices.

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